It was one of the unique, spectaculars trip I've had... The relationship of the crew is reflecting us also with their positive energy... the food... the view... the atmosphere... what could it be more? Like a holiday in haven, will come back again, with love


Dear crew,
My husband and I have always dreamed of a cruise like this one. We had high expectations and thanks to your professionalism, warmth, considerations and good humour... We have had a magnificent time! Exceeding our expectations tremendously so... THANK YOU for a marvellous week!!
Marta and Manuel


Dear crew,
I used to be in other gullet but I can swear that is the first one! The crew marvellous, Lorena the most perfect women among the crew of a gullets, Antonio the best cook, Mate the best sailor and of course Frano the best Captain. So I will remember all these days for a long time and hope remember us as well...! Thank you and we will come back again! With love,


Dear Frano, Lorena, Ante and Mate
The days shared with you on board of "Angelica" were fantastic! We are sure that we'll never forget it. It has been a great family experience.
From the first day we were impressed of your kindly welcome and the days after just made us reinforce our incredible first thoughts about you and start feeling as we were at home.
Frano, thank you for your concern about us, for your sympathy and you all day - everyday excellent will to help us even in the most little things. Lore, thank you for the everlasting smile and that special women touch that transformed boat into home. Ante, thank you for your incredible meals, and how to forget the great time we spent together in Hvar. Mate, thanks for always be there, for the Croatian, guitar, windsurf, volleyball, ship-jump lessons (and almost every single thing we did on board). Finally, thank you all for making this family celebration the most incredible time we have spent together. More than a crew you were and you are great friends. Hope we see each other again.
Marine-Gonzales Family


Dear crew,
We've spent fantastic days with you, enjoying the landscape, marvellous sightseeing and the sea. The life on board shared with family and friends was incredible. The experience in Angelica with its kind and polite crew has been very nice. Thanks to cook Lise for his excellent meals, although we'll remember you when we weight at home! :) Niko and Mate thank you for being always waiting for us and picking us up whenever in everywhere. Mate, we wont forget your "jump" into the cold wather during the storm trying to catch the defender! Lorena, thanks a lot for being so kind with us, everything on board is nice and perfect! And Frano, thank you for your briefing every morning, for sailing trough the most beautiful places of Croatia. Thanks a lot for these unforgettable holydays.
Maria del Pilar Palomo Eeriz

Mrs Heather Morris Lawler sailed on the gulet Angelica at the end of September 2010.

'Dear Sasha,
I just wanted to inform you that our vacation with the Owen, Willson, Chenowith, Lougheed group was probably the best vacation John and I have ever experienced. Frano, Lorena, Nikki and Ante were absolutely fantastic in every regard. They were so welcoming, professional and helpful in so many ways. They took care of us by serving us, guiding us and accommodating our requests. They are the nicest, most hard working people and so proud of Croatia and their boat and family business. We had an amazing time. We were so impressed in every way. If ever there is a need for one of your clients to have a reference regarding their boat and services, please do not hesitate in contacting us or any member of our group.
Thank you for suggesting them and for helping make our vacation perfect in every way.
Kind Regards,
Heather Morris Lawler'